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Furnace Tune-Ups and Service in Albuquerque, NM

Furnace tune-ups in ALbuqueruqe

Welcome to Signature Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, your go-to destination for local furnace tune-ups and service in Albuquerque, NM. As winter approaches, or in the Fall, ensuring your heating system is in top condition becomes crucial for a comfortably warm home.

It’s also important to have regular maintenance on your heating system to ensure it doesn’t break down in the middle of a really cold ABQ night.

Did you know, you can save as much as 50% on your furnace tune-up when you schedule it early? Many of our customers schedule their furnace tune-up in August-October in order to take advantage of our early bird specials. Give us a call today!

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Local ABQ Furnace Tune-Ups

Kickstart the cold season by prioritizing your heating system’s well-being. Schedule a furnace tune-up in the Fall to avoid potential breakdowns. This proactive approach is especially vital as technicians often get booked in advance. Early bird promotions and fantastic deals, like those offered by reputable companies such as Signature, can even reduce the cost of
your tune-up by as much as half.

Why Prioritize Regular Maintenance ?

Regular furnace maintenance offers numerous benefits, enhancing the overall efficiency of your system. It extends the lifespan of your furnace, resulting in cost savings by avoiding premature replacements. Additionally, a well-maintained system operates more energy-efficiently, leading to reduced utility bills. Furthermore, routine service includes cleaning and checking filters, promoting better indoor air quality in your home.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Tune-Ups: Your Safety First

At Signature Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we believe in prioritizing not just the efficiency but also the safety of your heating system. Regular furnace tune-ups are not just about maintaining optimal performance; they play a crucial role in ensuring your home remains a safe and secure environment.

Regularly scheduled tune-ups are also important in ensuring your heating system isn’t leaking carbon monoxide. As the metal components heat and cool, over time they can wear and crack. Prevent gas leaks and keep your family safe with regular furnace tune-ups from Signature.

Here are other key benefits

Efficient Operation

Regular tune-ups ensure that your furnace operates at peak efficiency, providing consistent and reliable warmth throughout your home. This efficiency not only enhances your comfort but also contributes to cost savings on your energy bills.

Extended Lifespan

Just as regular check-ups keep you healthier, routine maintenance extends the lifespan of your furnace. With proper care, your heating system can serve you for many years, delaying the need for costly replacements.

Cost Savings

Investing in regular tune-ups is a smart financial decision. A well-maintained furnace is more energy-efficient, translating to lower utility bills. Additionally, by addressing potential issues early, you can prevent expensive repairs down the line.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A clean and well-maintained furnace contributes to better indoor air quality. During our tune-ups, we not only inspect and clean components but also ensure that your system is operating in a way that promotes healthier air circulation in your home.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Check

Your safety is our top priority. As part of our comprehensive tune-ups, we conduct a thorough carbon monoxide safety check. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by faulty heating systems. Our technicians inspect the unit for potential leaks, ensuring that your home remains free from this silent but potentially deadly threat.

Early Detection of Issues

Regular maintenance allows us to detect and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. Whether it's a worn-out component or a minor adjustment needed, addressing these issues early can prevent inconvenient breakdowns during the peak of winter.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your furnace is not only efficient but also safe provides peace of mind. You can confidently rely on your heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months

Why Trust Signature for Your Furnace Tune-up Needs?

When you choose Signature Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical for your furnace tune-ups, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in the safety and well-being of your home. Our technicians are trained to perform a meticulous inspection, including a comprehensive carbon monoxide safety check, to ensure that your heating system operates both efficiently and safely.

Don’t compromise on safety. Schedule your furnace tune-up with Signature today and experience the reassurance that comes with a well-maintained and secure heating system.

Your safety is our priority – Schedule your Furnace Tune-Up Today!

Call Signature for all your furnace tune-up needs today….

What's Included in Our Furnace Tune-Ups?

Our furnace tune-ups at Signature Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical cover a comprehensive checklist. From inspecting and cleaning components to ensuring optimal system performance, our seasoned technicians go above and beyond to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Furnace Tune-Up

Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, ensuring you know what to expect with no hidden costs.

Local Expertise

As locals ourselves, we understand the unique challenges of ABQ’s climate and tailor our services accordingly.

Customer Education

We take the time to educate our customers on their furnace systems, providing valuable insights for better maintenance.

Comprehensive Furnace Service

At Signature, we don't just stop at tune-ups; we offer comprehensive furnace tune-ups to keep your heating system in peak condition. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to ensuring your home stays comfortably warm, no matter how chilly it gets.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Tune-ups

Regular maintenance offers several benefits, including enhanced efficiency, increased lifespan, cost savings, and improved indoor air quality. Our local furnace tune-ups ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you money on premature replacements and reducing utility bills.

More Than a Service, We Offer Peace of Mind

Your comfort is more than a service; it’s peace of mind. Our local furnace tune-up technicians aim to provide efficient solutions and a sense of security. Clear communication ensures you feel at ease throughout the service process.

Additional Benefits of Our Local Furnace tune-ups

Transparent Pricing

Fair and transparent pricing, no hidden costs.

Local Expertise

We tailor our services to the unique challenges of ABQ’s climate.

Ensure a warm and cozy winter by prioritizing your furnace’s health. Signature Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical is your trusted partner for all local furnace tune-ups and service needs in Albuquerque, NM. Schedule your appointment today, and experience the Signature difference

Briony JonesBriony Jones
15:04 10 Jul 24
Due to issues with our compressor, we went without a/c for about six weeks. Richard and Jeff were very helpful in explaining the issues to us and fixing what they could, until eventually the compressor was replaced. We appreciate all their help.
Kit AtencioKit Atencio
14:56 10 Jul 24
Julio JaramilloJulio Jaramillo
23:45 09 Jul 24
Great experienceSuper efficientWould recommend them to anybody!!!Jorge Villarruel is the best and super professional.Jaramillos
Amanda TrujilloAmanda Trujillo
22:25 09 Jul 24
Signature saved me so many headaches and hassles. After being away for 2 weeks, I came home to a water main leak in my front yard. I was losing hundreds of gallons of water. I called 5 different plumbing businesses and all gave me response times of several days to a week. Thomas Valdez at Signature arrived within 2 hours. He was sympathetic and so polite. He let me hover over him and ask questions while he dug into my front yard to find the leak. By the time he was finished digging, he was COVERED in mud from head to toe and kept a smile on his face. He showed me everything and explained the issue and what would be needed to fix the problem. When it got time to do the work, Signature sent Jeromy in to support Thomas and he was also very patient and answered all my questions. The work was done within 5 hours of my initial call (same day) and I didnt get charged crazy "emergency" feesAs far as total costs were concerned, I was extremely surprised and pleased. I was expecting a significantly higher cost based on some internet research and they came in WELL beneath the "average". Signature is now my go-to Plumbing and HVAC company! Thank you Thomas and Jeromy!!
John Pacheco IIJohn Pacheco II
12:50 09 Jul 24
Issac and Raul from Signature were great, helping me with our AC unit finding the problem and taking care of us.
Gayla ReidGayla Reid
13:37 02 Jul 24
My water heater was experiencing problems and I called Signature and they sent Stephen out that same day. He was very pleasant and professional and helpful in explaining things. He got the problem fixed quickly and emailed me later with different estimates on other solutions for later in case I decided to replace my water heater at a later date. All in all a great experience.
Julian AlgarinJulian Algarin
17:43 26 Jun 24
Very awesome service! after calling 20+ places to come evaluate and see what repairs needed done Signature was the only one who got back to us and showed up early to make sure we’re taken cared of through the correct channels, Jeff Lant and his partner Lance Robbins were super informative and made sure we knew everything that was going on and made the best recommendations for us!!! Thank you Signature for helping us!
Really happy with the service signature, heating, cooling and plumbing gave me when installing my new AC unit. The process was very easy and simple. The sales representative Erik was very nice and explained everything clearly. Andy and the rest of the guys that came to install the unit were very nice and professional. They explained everything and made sure everything was working properly before they left. They even hauled away my old swamp cooler and all the trash that I had. I will definitely recommend them to anybody that needs any service or a new AC/ heating unit on their home.
Jack O'NeilJack O'Neil
11:39 02 May 24
Anthony was polite, efficient and knowledgeable. We had an issue with the thermostat and Anthony stayed with it until it was resolved .
Lynn BlackburnLynn Blackburn
23:13 01 May 24
I appreciate the time to review the issue and do appreciate someone of Jeremy's expertise going through the steps to address the concerns. I really think he is a quality employee. He gets a 10 from me.
M MayoM Mayo
21:38 01 May 24
We asked for a Spring tune-up of all our HVAC (three heat pump/compressors and three air handlers), along with explanation of how exactly our system worked, since the house and its systems, particularly the heat pumps, were new to us. Jeff was assigned to work our case and very usefully explained what we had, what it was connected to, how it worked, how to do the routine maintenance, and then proceeded to fix a coolant leak he found during the inspection - coolant dripping at the pipe joint. Some soldering, vacuum pulling, and coolant resupply later, it was fixed. While the repair was unanticipated and expensive (we had been hoping for a clean bill of health), the workmanship was professional, friendly, helpful, and competent. I don't think the outcome could have been dealt with better.
David HartigDavid Hartig
22:17 30 Apr 24
The installation team was very friendly and explained all questions I had while they were doing their part of the job. When finished they did a thorough job of cleaning up after themselves. Andrew did a great job of going over the checklist of all the services provided to finish the job before I signed the closing contract.
Mary MunozMary Munoz
16:13 30 Apr 24
Excellent customer service as always! Awesome technician, prompt, extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Nate McCoy was fantastic and we appreciated the work he did! Love Signature, have used them for three years and always have a Five Star Rating!
MomOf2, dahdulMomOf2, dahdul
06:22 29 Apr 24
Our plumber was Steven! He was so great and patient. The job was supposed to take 30 minutes and ended up being a bigger issue than we suspected. He stayed and fixed it even though he had other calls to tend to. He said he didn’t feel right leaving us hanging without fixing it. He was so nice!
J SkiJ Ski
21:40 26 Apr 24
Nicholas was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions/concerns and explained everything before we signed the contract. I would recommend and use Signature again. Excellent and trustworthy company, hard to find these days. Neftali and Elijah were excellent workers. They had the knowledge, skill and professionalism we have never experienced before. They were an awesome team of people who work for Signature.
Bonnie MansellBonnie Mansell
21:28 25 Apr 24
Our experience with Signature could not have been better. We scheduled an appointment to have our AC tuned up for summer and took advantage of Signature's April Special we saw advertised on a local TV station. Richard, our service tech, was professional, courteous, and extremely well-trained. We live in a newer over 55+ community in ABQ and we will highly recommend Signature to our neighbors and friends. Thank you for taking such good care of us.
Sarah MastersonSarah Masterson
17:14 26 Mar 24
The two gentlemen who came to install my new HVAC systems were kind and willing to answer any and all questions that I had. They were at my home all day long.The reasons for 4 stars instead of 5 were, they did vacuum most of the debris on the floor from the attic. They missed some bigger chunks around the attic area and the stairs (probably from shoes transferring things out).Also, the thing they had to remove to get the old system out and new one in, was not put back as securely as it was there before. I will have to figure out how to make it more secure (not sure how though).Lastly, as you can see in one of the photos, there is a large scratch/dent in the wall. I’m guessing from the corner of the unit at some point of moving out or putting in.Overall, I appreciate their willingness to stay until the job was done, answering all the questions that I had and trying to put stuff back the way it was. Also, for being knowledgeable about HVAC and being able to install our new one.I would recommend Signature to my friends and family.
Sally PoeSally Poe
21:02 15 Feb 24
Excellent service and explanation of what was needed. Fawad told us about the new thermostat Thanks for good service
CJ GomezCJ Gomez
20:22 15 Feb 24
Called to schedule a discount inspection and decided to sign up for the 2 x yearly inspection package. Service was excellent giving us a run down of potential issue and changed or very dirty filter. Signature is the only service that responded in hours of my call. 👍🏽
Tina WilkirsonTina Wilkirson
16:34 15 Feb 24
Chris Schirmer came out promptly Feb 15th got us up and running. Power on roof unit was not plugged in all the way.
Julia RodriguezJulia Rodriguez
22:39 13 Feb 24
Steven was quick in completing the job & informative.
Linda AmesLinda Ames
16:03 13 Feb 24
Very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Louis MondragonLouis Mondragon
20:06 28 Dec 23
Great experience all around. Professional and personable.
22:16 27 Dec 23
Fawad was great! He was clear in explaining what needed to be done; he was on time; he cleaned up after the job was done. I’m very satisfied with a job well done!
Ian Cox-SfakianosIan Cox-Sfakianos
21:44 27 Dec 23
John and Chris were a huge help! They let me know all that they were doing and weren’t afraid to answer questions.
Joseph ContrerasJoseph Contreras
19:58 27 Dec 23
Very professional, job well done!
Luke LoffelmacherLuke Loffelmacher
19:45 27 Dec 23
Manuel from Signature was absolutely amazing and very pleasant to work with regarding our gas fireplace. Great communication, professional and made a stressful situation better! Well done and highly recommend for Gas Fireplace fixes.
Steve CaseySteve Casey
17:47 16 Dec 23
Prior to hiring Signature, we received four different estimates for replacing our split system heating and cooling units. Our prior system lasted 20 years and covered the needs for central air for a single story, 2000 SF home. So, we wanted to pick components that would meet our needs for the next ten years, with efficient cooling, reasonable heating efficiency, and a company that would warranty their work for as long as reasonable. After comparing cooling units at 17 SEER2, and looking at who would put their guarantees in writing, Signature had the best deals and coverage. Other quotes had a better price, but for less efficient condensers. Nick is great at responding to inquiries and helping to provide technical details.The installation technicians from Signature did a great job. I was able to get very good explanations from all of them any time I had questions. In particular, Oscar and Derrick were very patient, and did an excellent job re-structuring the base of our air intake for the furnace and air handler. When finished, Oscar walked through the final inspection with me, and even though he already tested the systems, he did it again until I was satisfied with the functionality of both heating and cooling (during a very cold day). I am glad that we went with Signature and would happily use them again.Photos show the old equipment and the newly installed equipment with compliant plumbing and electrical connections. The heater has been working great and has warmed the house much quicker than the older unit. We're looking forward to the efficiency benefits from the new cooler in the summer.
Lisa StaffordLisa Stafford
23:24 15 Nov 23
I was extremely impressed with the efficiency and how fast they came out. To fix my heater, I hadn't pneumonia. And they took that to heart and they were literally here in 38 minutes. They had to order the part but he had bypassed a piece. So I was able to have heat until the correct part did come in very. Good young man and just excellent work. I would recommend this heating and plumbing company to anyone, and all just an amazing company and an outstanding employee. In my opinion, he is an asset to this company. Thank you, Lisa Stafford.
Gibert GGibert G
19:25 27 Sep 23
Started with George customer care rep visit for quote, then a Team visit on the day of installation with Chris, the electrician manager, his electrician who did the electrical work, Elijah and Neftali the installers and owner to go over installation plan. Install and clean up when great. Joseph, the electrician his work was great. We are now able to use our Sunroom all year round. Thank you Signature
Andrea L TembreullAndrea L Tembreull
13:07 15 Sep 23
Signature did a great job for us. Apart from some aggressive sales tactics (that person is no longer working there), the experience was good. They responded right away to our concerns (minimal & resolved).Greg, Chris, & especially Oscar worked very hard to ensure the installation went smoothly, & everyone was professional!We would have given a 5-star review if the cost had been better, but we did have two AC units installed that replaced our evaporative coolers. We are enjoying much more even cooling now. 🙂
Johnny BarelaJohnny Barela
23:13 21 Jun 23
From A-to-Z this is the company for me.I hired signature to install refrigerated A/CAnd heating. After meeting with Cody, the consultant and agreeing on going through with installation. Signatures installation crew came over as promised. They were on time and they were outstanding. They were done in one day and cleaned up after themselves. Signatures office follow up is exceptional. They also serviced my water heater by a fellow named Josh and team they were also outstanding. I highly recommend this company. As I write this the temperature is 100° outside and it’s 70° in here. Thank you again signature. From a super satisfied customer Johnny B.

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